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I first began blogging back in 2005 and the next year I taught myself how to write HTML code and created my own website about history. Both my blog and website have been through various incarnations over the years. My website started out as and later changed its name to Imperial Kingdom. As for my blog, it began on as the Imperial Bulletin and later changed its name to the Freedom Bulletin and moved to WordPress. It has covered a variety of topics, including politics and current events, as well as high-profile trials that I have attended over the years. Around 2015, my interest in blogging and web design began to wane, so I took a hiatus for a few years. But eventually I missed having a place to share my opinions, writing, and photos, so I decided to resurrect Imperial Kingdom. The current incarnation of Imperial Kingdom was created on July 13, 2019.

Why Imperial Kingdom, you might be wondering. As a child I created an imaginary world which I called The Empire, and the main character was called the Imperial Leader. (I am currently working on turning this into a fantasy book series!) Somewhat jokingly, I began using Imperial Leader as my online alias, and so Imperial Kingdom was a fitting name for my website.

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